Pipi 10th Years Old Birthday

Today is Pipi’s 10th years old birthday. Lester fetches me to K9-Kampus, US Doggie Bakery to buy Pipi’s cake on Sunday. Got a little lost but it’s a nice place to be in.

You can make a reservation for a bigger cake size. However, I only settle for whatever that is left in the fridge, the one slice portion. I also buy honey, cheese and sunflower seeds cookies for the birthday kid. The owner of US Doggie Bakery is very friendly. She answers my enquiries patiently and also handed a little note about how to store those food. As the bakeries are preservative, salt, sugar and addictive free, they ought to be stored properly for consumption.

DSC09257Strawberry Birthday Cake

DSC09259Honey, Cheese & Sunflower Seeds Cookies

DSC09283Pipi Nom Nom

US Doggie Bakery - Storage InstructionsStorage Instruction

Anyway, to my baobei Pipi: Happy Brithday yor~

DSC09276Baobei Pipi