F1 Rocks Concert 2009

First ever F1 Rocks Concert at Fort Canning Park. It’s a 3 days music event, 24 to 26 September 2009, with artists from various countries. We got the tickets for 24th September 2009, starring Da Mouth, Soda Green, A-Mei and Jacky Cheung.

The “door” opens at 5pm, but there are die-hard fans already queuing at 7am in the morning. Anyway, took us some time to even reach the security checkpoint and the queue ushering sucks. For people who have tickets for the next 2 days, tips for you. No food and drinks are allowed into the venue, you can come bagless to join the express lane with only body checks, no need to bring mat because you will be standing. Drinks sold there are insanely expensive: soft drinks and juices for $5, mineral water and red bull for $4, also includes alcoholic drinks and food. Oh by the way, we are standing right in front =D

One thing great about Fort Canning venue is that the terrain slopes downwards (like cinema theatre), stage is at the bottom of the terrain. So at any point you stand, you can see the performance. We manage to reach the grassland at around 5.38pm, saw A-Mei and Soda Green rehearsing their bits.

Concert commerce late, around 7:20pm with first performance by Da Mouth. Next is Soda Green. Halfway through, the sound system just kaboomz, no sound. A-Mei’s performance is terrific, but she sang mainly her new songs. The preparation of equipment for Jacky Cheung’s appearance took damn long which we don’t know why. The humble singer apologises on behalf of the crew for the waiting. There is an encore, hinted by Jacky, we should shout for that. Cute little old man. Concert lasted till 12am, around there.

Let the pictures do the rest of the talking.

IMG_8744Queuing. Not even at the security checks.

IMG_8751Stage. Amei behind black umbrella, rehearsing.


IMG_8768Before concert with fair bit of crowd. Still can sit.

IMG_8774Hosts from 93.3FM.

IMG_8796Da Mouth.

IMG_8819Qing Feng from Soda Green. For Bong Laily.

IMG_8827Soda Green.


IMG_8867Jacky Cheung. My idol.

IMG_8904All artists, singing MJ’s Heal The World.