Fake Nails

I attempted to stick fake nails for Chinese New Year this year. Beauty is satisfactory, no doubt. The feel, touch and inconveniences they gave me are the ultimate horrible ones.

There is a lot of things I basically can’t do: type on my iphone, press my remote control, rub my eyes and nose, clean my ears when I bathe, wear my contact lens, button my clothes, wear my earrings, open a can drinks and I scratch myself accidentally for so many times.

As for being a clean freak like me, I’m so concern about hygiene. I have to sacrifice my toothbrush, scrub the dirt in the in-between.

I also dun understand why I feel the nails’ presence every seconds. It’s uncomfortable and painful whenever I try to excert some force with these nails.

So I soak my hands in warm water as per the youtube videos. Water doesn’t really help, but it reduces the tightness between the fake and the real nails. I bathed and further soak them, force them open from the edges, coz I can’t take it anymore. Wrong demonstration, I know. Now I have to remove the glue stains left on my poor nails.

For people who want to attempt fake nails:

  1. Remember to put on base coat before the glue, this protects your nails.
  2. Clean the in-between to stay clean.
  3. Soak your hands in warm water (that probably will take 1 hour) before they can be easily removed. Or visit the nail parlor, they do have services and solution for removing these nails.
  4. Always leave this to a professional.

I gave a box of fake nails to Bong Laily and my sister. Hope they have better luck in this than me.

My fake nails.Removed. Glue stains, yucks!10 fake nails.

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  1. yes yes yes… i suppose to squeeze one dot and press it down to the real nails. but i happily glue the whole surface. 🙁 it looks ugly!

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