Lazy Sunday Brunch

This is one of the rare quality weekends we have since holiday. Just don’t know how each weekends fly. I’ve cooked a “sumptuous” brunch before my school starts.

Lester and I try to fry the toufu with little oil at first. They just stick to the pan. The 2nd batch we add more oil and they turn out in perfect golden brown. Do the balsamic sauce and throw in the toufu for further absorption. Soak them over night. Chopped up all the ingredients when Lester send his friends home after Wii Game Day around 2am.

By the time we are awake, it’s already 1:30pm. Here comes the execution part: pan fried the prata. My dad says don’t need to oil the pan. Bluff me again. Everything goes alright. Portbello mushrooms also turn out brown but not chao dar. Chawamushi is so far the most perfect one after so many past experience. The balsamic toufu is my first atempt. I like Cedele’s one. Like the shoyu egg, the sauce tastes very different before and after chilled. I just need to add more garlic, corranider, balsamic vinegar to taste and use soya sauce instead of salt, perhaps. And i still think we need to get salted tau gua from wet market than the normal ones. Current one taste bland even though they are soaked in salt water before I fried them.

IMG_8191Prata + Ham + BaconIMG_8196Prata + Ham + Bacon (Close Up)IMG_8193Cheezy Portobello MushroomIMG_8195Cheezy Portobello Mushroom (Close Up)IMG_8197Balsamic Cold ToufuIMG_8198Balsamic Cold Toufu (Close Up)IMG_8199Chawamushi

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  1. ni shi er xin de lo.. luckily u never offer me the food.
    yah.. no1 entertain me with all the vulgar words.. so sian..

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