She Is My Best Friend

Lay Hiang says:
u think next time i will haf bao ying anot?
keep saying ppl’s huai hua

Laily Bong says:
of coz..
its too late to stop now oso..
so.. keep it up

She is my gossip + psycho buddy.

4 thoughts on “She Is My Best Friend”

  1. Good/bad karma goes around. I have two friends, “A” & “B”.

    “A” never talks bad about people.
    “B” talks bad about people behind their backs all the time.

    The two of them had separate problems, and needed help/support from their network of friends. I was in charge of informing people. I sent out both requests at the same time.

    The contrast in the responses could not have been more different.

    “A” had 7 positive offers of help within 10 minutes.
    “B” after two days… had zero replies/offers of support. Nobody bothered to ask about him.

    You can say, this is when you know who your true friends are in times of difficulties. But what goes around comes around. You step on other people when they are down. They will do the same to you when you are down too.

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