Vday 2009

Chen Hui’s ROM
Attended Chen Hui’s wedding at Changi’s SAF Seaview Resort on valentine’s day itself. It was kinda unexpected because we only met his wife once, 2 years ago. And now, they have taken their vows for their eternal loves as husband and wife. 很快 hor? Saw a few familiar Hong Kah faces, Chen Hui’s classmates. 老的老,秃的秃,肥的肥。Hahaha~ Anyway, i am glad that we are still able to keep in contact, this is our 11th year of friendship. Cheers… Chen Hui never fail to joke around “孩子不能等了!” (^_^)

Slumdog Millionaire
Watched this Bollywood movie, excellent story narrative using the game, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, to tell the story. The story linkage is very innovative and fresh. It wasn’t in Tamil most of the time, even so, there are subtitles. I shan’t reveal much, but there are a few scenes i can’t erase off my mind.

Bake some butter cookies and cornflakes cookies. Realise my oven is spoil. The heat is not even because the top lights do not lit up. Ended with the top of my cookies not cook, bottom all turns black. Experimenting new recipes make the process even more “challenging”.