3 Months In Consolidation

Well… 3 months of holidays have past. I kind of forget how i would live like a student again. But i had a really fulfilling holiday ever. I would miss some of the stuff we did together:

  1. Waking up latest by 7:30am and take a train down to Raffles Place.
  2. First thing in the office is to sign-in to my MSN and say “Good morning” to Laily. We will talk rubbish till the sun set.
  3. Serene will msn me whenever she is at her desk. And she goes “Pipi” for dunno what.
  4. Lunch time will be heaven, with so many nice food around my work place.
  5. By 2 or 3pm, Lester will wake up and chat with me.
  6. Then by 4pm, i really feel like meeting Lester and going out with him for the night.
  7. By night, I will be too tired till i just lay flat and bathe the other morning.
  8. Lester will then hold on to the phone call for an hour because i have entered my lala-land. He is afraid that i would wake up anytime and continue our conversation. But in actual fact, i never did.
  9. And till i reach the weekends, we girls have a dinner night all by ourselves. We just can’t stop talking till wee hours.
  10. Birthday celebrations on and off the months but it wasn’t too much this time. So i guess, gathering with the rest of the click seems a little less this time.
  11. Planning trips for the group is fun. You kinda know who are the free-est people in the office, spamming replies through emails. We really made it oversea together to Kukup! Great great job!
  12. Lester, his mum and uncle and myself visit to KL is a great shopping spree.
  13. Slacking over the weekends with my beloved and can’t bear to leave the house often seem the silliest.

And here i am, going back to a student’s life. You guys probably won’t see me so soon again.