Working Life

Hasn’t been doing much except spending the premium part of my life (morning) working. Life back in the office ain’t really different or hard to adapt. People are the same, politics are the same and etc.

Chan and me talk over our dinner. I commented that i prefer to work with angmo, preferably with them as my boss. At least they will say things like “You’re a star!”, “You not just have a pretty face!”, “Great job!” and so on. While chinese bosses sometimes forget about these encouraging aspect and continue to slave you off. Angmos are more humorous. But most of the time i dun really know how to or even should i response to their jokes which is my failure.

In terms of work, once they are done, they move on faster. They don’t stay put and look too much into the nitty stuff. They move on, i move on. I thought this is the way i will stay creative and kicking in the company. They give me more freedom. Like or don’t like is just two choose one, very frank answer. Asian tend to beat around the bush, trying to be nice but not speaking what is on their mind. So the process becomes longer and slower, dragging like forever. And “maybe” is all i have heard.