Disney On Ice

Went to Disney On Ice last Saturday at Indoor Stadium. How crazy am i to withdraw extra $$$ becoz i thought i can buy some very special merchandise over there. But it is disappointing and expensive lah…

We get to sit the very first row in our circle but was blocked by the railing (same problem with Esplanade theatre). Luckily, the seating is not full, we get to move up 4 rows to have a better view. I thought the whole show is kinda boring. I din get to shout like what i did in concert, neither the music threshold is loud. A few sparkles here and there ties the show up. Some of the stories aren’t interesting also. Bleah~

Nice chat at Suntec Starbucks. I think i need to think abit about my career after degree. The same uneasy feeling i have when i graduate from poly. Have i lost touch with what the commercialized industry?

And projects start piling up again. I missed a few lessons here and there. My school is strict with attendance though. I have used up my 2 lives for ‘Illustration for Designers’, 1 life for ‘Graphic Design II’ and 1 grade down for ‘Survey for New Media’ for missing just 1 class. Trying to keep up but i discover my stamina ain’t enough. I wonder did i really set unrealistic timelines or did i spend too much time admiring my work. Lalala~