A must watch local production. 881 is 90% in hokkien, 10% in mandarin. Extremely entertaining with several parts emotional (imagine i used up 2 packets of tissue paper). Many familiar hokkien songs i’ve heard during childhood. You will be surprised with the computer graphics at some sections – it’s good. However, some parts is purely for entertainment purpose – crappy.

Memories recapped. Remembered the days i’m too small in the crowd, standing with my dad throughout getai. My dad will buy newspaper every evening because there is a section in the paper with getai location, band name and the hosts for the night. He always go for 600 and Lin Li’s one. No matter how far, he will drive. Hardcore getai supporter. Yar… I also very 老土~ I tag along. Then me and my sisters will sing the songs in the car. Orbiang dao~

Every since poly days i have stopped going to getai.

Chan was so attracted to the songs that he bought the OST. It was a little disappointing to find out that Mindee and Yanyan do not sing any of these songs. Mindee is a singer and Yanyan plays a lot of the skits. They should have no problem singing. Not all songs are included because 明珠姐妹 (voices for the Papaya and a long-time ago duet group) is releasing their new album with some of these songs. Don’t ask me how i know them, ask what my dad has feed me since young…

Anyway, another theme song played throughout the movie: 一人一半. Look at that guitarist, resembles Wee Kian anot? He !@#$% when i say so.


Recovery From Various Illnesses
Still recovering from various weird illnesses. Some are relapsed, some are new ones. It’s really worsen my mood and i can’t sleep well at nite. I hope they are just afternoon rains and soon i will be running healthily under the sun.