The Year of Jacky Cheung World Tour 07

My very first time to a concert and it’s my idol’s concert!

You dun feel much when everyone is still streaming into the concert venue. It’s the very moment when the concert starts, you will wonder “Are you really here?” At least i feel very touched somehow.

I bought the cheapest ticket, $88, you get to see Jackey Cheung as big as your little pinky and most of the time i have to look at the screen. During the first few minutes, i feel like running to the front. I can’t imagine how the experience will be like siting right there. My sector belongs to the balcony level and mainly the matured cool group of spectators, how high can i be? Lester and i are so embarrassed to take out our light sticks because most of the people are using the battery operated ones. How old school we are. Hahaha~

The spectators voted for Cantonese, therefore, Jacky speaks Canto throughout the whole concert. I have some difficulties catching what he says but not as bad as Lester. His performance is split into like 4 main sections: singing, talk about his life, singing of others’ songs and a 30 minutes musical sketch. The whole concert ended with a 45 minutes encore, that’s 10 songs altogether.

It’s a little pity all souvenirs like tee shirts and caps are already out of sale from all previous shows. At the booth, they only sell cds. Managed to see Jackey coming out from the stadium and board into a mini van. Lalala~ The closest i can get. I’m rather surprise to hear from Lester that he would buy the most expensive tickets in the future. Well~ I guess the live experience is indeed tempting. I think the stage design is ugly though, lighting and effects are not bad.

I somehow like this picture a lot. The face is like a cartoon.

Virus Infection
I have been LS-ing for the pass 3 days due to virus infection. Hate it!