Zodiac Compatibility

Not superstitious, but after that gathering when i was asked about my zodiac sign, i started to wonder. And i don’t quite understand the kind of body languages i collected back. they just make me uneasy. So to ease myself a little, i did some compatibility match.

Reading 01
SUN in SCORPIO with ARIES You are both willful and passionate people, with a strong desire to live intensely and directly, and you love this about each other. There is a lot of fire in your relationship and you are likely to fight ferociously sometimes. Aries, however, can release anger and emotions and then forget about it, while Scorpio nurses grudges and resentments, and may hold on to the wounds that Aries unthinkingly inflicts. Also, Scorpio needs to feel intensely bonded emotionally, and Aries may not have the same overwhelming need for closeness.

Reading 02
Of all the relationships this is perhaps the hardest one to achieve harmony in as the Arian ability to give way to others will be severely put to the test by the Scorpions attempt to take her over; and he/she will do the opposite of what Scorpio wants in an attempt to simply be contentious. One of their main problems will be Scorpios unreasonable jealousy, which is a deep rooted part of the Scorpio nature and cannot be changed. The mate that fails this type is in for a very rough time.

Aries would soon become highly claustrophobic if he or she must follow the Scorpions way of nesting. Scorpio feels that the domestic environment is the place to be completely relaxed and cut off the rest of the world while Aries is more interested in being involved in the world and living life to the fullest. Aries, on the other hand, will want to have parties, and friends running in and out most of the time, things that would drive scorpio up the wall. Scorpio usually mates for life but this could be the exception to that rule.

Scorpio has certain ideals which his/her mate is expected to live up to and any failure on the part of Aries to live up to these ideals will cause Scorpio to push him or her right out of the scorpio mind and heart. Sexually, Scorpios jealous nature results in being over demanding with total possession expected. Aries, a dominate, (and dominating), fire sign, is not about to sit still for being dominated. Not a recommended union.

Reading 03
This may be an explosive union in the beginning. A lot of passionate activities may follow. But unless one decides to step down and compromise, the other may not even consider compassion. A lot of good can happen if the Aries understands and appreciates the practical and worldly senses of the Scorpio. But the question remains, would the leader even have the time to sit still at one place and ponder over such matters?

There is basic similarity between the two signs, both are achievers. One achieves with a direct and forceful method and the other achieves with a little time, with style and wisdom. Behind-the-scene activities may take an Aries by surprise whereas quiet Scorpio waits for its appearance.

Does that make me feel better? I don’t think so… Damn~ Back to study…