Finally it’s weekend, I can gather my thoughts and prepare for the next week. This week is taxing due to my inefficiency, most of the homeworks are not completed. Endless nights of last minute production has almost burnt my Tuesday, Wednesday. Things get worst when i have an extra long day on the first 2 days of the week.

I’m promoting to year 2 in the coming August. Time really flies… ADM has been my home for 1 year. Had a Show-and-Tell session with all different departments in school. Yes, it’s time to choose my major. I am pretty firm that Visual Communication will be the one i am falling back on. If given a chance, i would like to venture into Product Design because i wanna do Lifestyle Design, but i dun dare to forgo what i have already know.

Presentation by the Visual Comm department is utterly disappointing. It shatters a lot of my classmates’ dreams and visions about this major. Firstly, the professor show a series of images that can be easily taken from magazine (rather commercialize stuff you can find in the market), we don’t see our senior work. Secondly, the modules outline is so vague that “Graphics Design 01” and “Typography 01” doesn’t give you much direction what these are actually doing. My classmate asks the professor in the refreshment, why there is no showcase of the 2nd year students’ work? The reply is pretty much unexpected – because they are unfinished. Probably, we are looking at the process and what the rest did at our level instead of the blink blink completed design. We simply dun care. We want works that are collated during this process of learning. Therefore, the flop of this presentation has shaken many of them to go into other majors like Animations or Interactive Design.

We are definitely very new (only consisting of year 1 & 2 students), modules and course outline are always in the process of adjustment. There is no standard of teaching, coz they take a very different approach in that. For example what we are going through now, GDIT alike module, Prof A will deliver the principles of design through various use of paint and paper media but Prof B goes into textile to deliver the same principles. So your skills and knowledge is influenced and built up by the style of your professor, not a program designed what are supposed to be done. Then it comes down to Heng-Suay, whether the prof’s teaching style suits and inspires you.

Our future lies in these very “promising” prof’s hands. Isn’t it very risky also? I can only say the system here sucks.