Brewerkz & Forbidden City

Last Friday was my class pubbing nite. As usual it’s 1/3 class attendance, but small and cosy. Oh yes, this group is the eldest长老in the class. We settled down at Brewerkz for a couple of beers, finger food and chats as Forbidden City is already full house. The second visit to Forbidden City, Lester and Ken were stopped at the entrance to check their IC (they look that young meh). Nice loud music, smoky dark ambiance but this time we din talk much. It’s rather hard to talk. Finally left that place, climb many stairs to Fort Canning. Ken nearly collapse due to a sudden lack of breath. His lips all turned white, therfore, we din continue up anymore.

Dismiss at the Fort Canning carpark, both Lester and I board a cab home. The moment he steps into his bedroom, he receives an interesting sms from an anonymous number “Can I make friend with you? If not interested, nvm.” Hahaha… Weird桃花~