Happy Valentine & Happy Lunar New Year

Valentine Day
I did a crystal ball for Lester, though a partial failure, but i hope he like that. And i gave him 42 mini photos framed up in a photo frame. These photos captures all the moments in our 2 years relationship.

Was expecting him to come late after his tutorial homework. But he surprises me with an ice cream cake at 5 plus and a flower delivery. Due to schoolwork, we had a veri simple dinner at Jurong Point Fish & Co. Shop shop a bit before we return home. It just slip off my mind that the newly renovated IMM has more variety of food nowadays. Should have been there instead. Sadly, we are supposed to cut cake after returning home but i fall asleep after slacking on my bed. Hahaha~ Spoiler, i know. By the time i wake up again to do my homework (which is 3 am), Lester has already gone back home. (T_T)

Lunar New Year
I have spent the whole day cleaning just my room. I have been very efficient already, but there are just too many things to take care of in my room. I think i feel the pain at my waist which i sprain myself while moving the flower pots 2 years ago. Ouch~

The whole house is not ready and clean even at 10pm. I see my mum so pro, just sweep and mop, din do much. Despite the little effort put in, the house has become slightly neater. After which i just clean the door grills, door, all the mirror, glass panels and computer area. Onli get to bathe at 12am. I am already quite drain from those household chores.

Anyway, just wanna wish everybody a prosperous new year. Gong xi fa cai… And dun eat too much.