My Wardrobe

I have a monster “future” sis-in-law. My brother’s gf, comes to my place and when i’m not around takes my stuff to wear. Some times she takes expensive stuff, some not so ex. Best thing is she wears them home.

Most of the time I dun realised it until I see her wearing that top, earrings, necklace to my place and I rememebered that I have not seen that it for a long time. And it’s mine that she is wearing!!! So pissed.

She still have the cheek to appear in front of me. There was once i bought a racer back tee from mango. Wore once and left in my room. The next week I saw her wearing that tee to sleep!! (She slept over in my house). How can?? It will definitely stretch the tee. And next day she just bring back with her cos i cannot find anywhere!


Sigh, there was once i cannot take it anymore and told her. She just said.
“Ohh got meh? Next time i return lor”

Guess wat, she never return me anything. She stopped what she like doing for a few months but after that return to her old habits.

Now i’m just waiting for my bro to either get married and move out or break up with her.

Above is an extract from one of the posts in a forum. I thought mine is already a nightmare. The thread poster is having a struggling with somebody who doesn’t even belongs to the house.

So far, many girls have locked their wardrobe (just like i do), others just tell them straight. But i really can’t stand even misplaced bra and underwear in her wardrobe she also wear. Nabeiz… Think her neh so big meh? Feel terrible for my clothes as they are tortured by her, i can’t save them in time. One of the days, my hand will be on her face or probably a hot kettle of water on her can save the rest of the trouble. BITCH!!!