Exams Over

I collected my sculpture at the Dragon Kiln on Tuesday morning. The taxi driver who send me in is very friendly. He even stop at the kiln and take a look at what’s inside. Took some time searching for mine though, coz it all somehow looks the same when you put others together.

We feed the mosquitoes there, damn itchy~ But it is quite a different world from the normal Singapore scene, quiet and peaceful…

Ended my exam on Wednesday, results have to leave it to the fate liao… At least i have some time to myself now. I really hope i can fully utilize my 1 month holiday. There are already some outstanding tasks waiting for me to do.

Today went to Sitex with Chan and later meeting Bong. It’s kinda fun to bombard the salesperson with lots of questions. And sometimes they think that we girls do not know about technology, trying to bullshit with us. Haha~ We did our research okay~

There will be a few days packed with gatherings.