Happy Belated Birthday To Me

Appreciate all the effort put in by my university friends, no doubt birthdays always clash with the busiest schedule with all sorts of datelines. Not only the money and dark rings, but the time they have to keep me occupied.

My poly mates who squeeze out their most precious time just to meet me for a dinner. They make me feel the warmth again. Thank you for those who can’t make it but smsed me or even called me. It’s this little gestures that tell me i am not forgotten. Just miss each ‘s presence.

Lastly for my beloved who run high and low searching for gifts, xin ku le… You just make my day. Your sacrifices, i see them… Your concerns, i know them… Your love, i feel them…

Birthday wish:

  • To be happy!
  • I want everyone around me to be happy!
  • I want health!
  • I want health for everybody!