2nd Anniversay

2nd Anniversary
2 weeks ago we celebrated our 2nd anniversary at Seoul Garden because Chan has craving for bbq stuff. The variety of food has reduced greatly as compared to the past.

Chan has decorated his bedroom ceiling with glow-in-the-dark blue and orange stars. Why the ceiling because i spend most of my weekends in his bedroom doing homework. And usually stayed over. It’s really like seeing a whole sky of stars when lying on the bed. Lo-mantic~ Hahaha~

I draw 2 pillow cases for chan, using both the mascot for onezero24.net. Still incomplete though, sacrificing around 3 pillow cases. Probably do it digitally and do a print instead.

May us be happy always~ Love ya~

Nicole’s 19th Birthday
Last Friday was Nikki’s birthday, she invited me and Chan to the Singapore Polo Club for the party (together with the rest of my uni classmate). Dresscode is formal, so i manage to find something that will fit. Heez~

Spent quite a bit of time doing her present: a collection of yan dao kias photo (whom we ask around on the street or even our school mates) superimpose to form a deck of poker cards. My 2 friends did a very pro amphigram asthe deck design while i did the inside. We have something like a POWER card, who is our disgusting nude male model who dripped. And some blank cards for the class to write their greetings on. Went Masa to trim my hair too.

Party is more or less sit-and-eat kind. Oh yes, her mum force everyone in our table to drink. Hahaha~ And we managed to get to the stables for horse visiting. This is my very first time seeing these horses in such a close proximity.