ADM Matriculation & Orientation Day

I am so blur that I have mistaken yesterday as the first day of the matriculation day. Onli get to do the matriculation at 9:30pm. Anyway, I need not bid for any modules unlike my poor Lester. My time-table is actually issued. My is 4 days study as I do not have any lessons on Friday. Hurray~ I do not have many modules in this semester, basically foundation modules which requires a lot of drawing and exploration. Drawing hours are long in each tutorial lesson, up to 5 hours in 1 shot.

Today’s orientation is another cock up, we have spent most of our time waiting. Waiting for the presentation and briefing to start, waiting for the buffet lunch to set up, waiting for the seniors to bring us around the school and lastly, waiting for the garage sale which the seniors are late.

The biggest computer lab is about 20 computers in the room while the other smaller ones are not ready yet. The smaller ones shall hold about 10 computers in the room. There is a list of art materials that we are required to buy when the school officially begins. It is more cost effective have them shared out among your mates.

I am quite looking forward to the new semester as I have heard interesting stories about shouting out of the windows, dancing in the class and jump and snap a photo. Till then, I need to enjoy my 2 days rest to the fullest.