Durex Advertisement

I always find Durex advertisement very kinky but innovative. Never fail to give their products a new point of view.

This morning I received 1 durex flyer at Raffles Link. Didn’t want to take it from the distributor’s hand initially but it’s a plain white deboss card. One and only thing that comes to my mind is that they do not have any printing on it, promoting tution schools, beauty houses, nail parlors or language centers so they should not be entering my office’s dust bin. The plain white deboss card could be something interesting that worth my attention.

Still not getting any clue when I received from the distributor. But until you flip to the other face, a durex advertisement promoting their new product, Pleasuremax. You will tear the outline of the diagram and make them into a roll dice. You might have seen many of such ideas, however the copy writting flavours the kinky-ness emotion.

Thinking back, is the distributor intentionally flip the card to the blank side or he is told to do so?