A lot of the apparel shops are having sale right now – change of new season, clearing their old stocks. Perlini is one of them, having their sale at all branches from 23rd Feb to 26th Feb 2006. Prices are at 30% to 70% discount. If you like Elle, they have their promotions too. Check out at their stores now!

I am tempted to buy more clothes. Kinda sick of my closet, but I know I won’t throw them away. Probably need to make priority to some of the clothings and make way for the new one. But I remember I just cleared them not long ago. Should be quite ‘empty’ now.

Oh yes~ Not forgetting to lock my closet up if I am getting my new pieces. I really don’t like sharing them with Zhen. She doesn’t take care of my clothes. She just took the piece Edel bought for me, pure white with lots of sequins and beads. Wonder can I spot laksa spills or ribena drink on it? It is really no point arguing when the clothes are soiled.

I am always picturing the scene where I took the clothes she borrowed and cut it too pieces right in front of her. I can afford to buy the same design again what. Spoilt thinking… But I pay for them anyway. Of course they are only thoughts. I wouldn’t want to pay extra for what I bought previously. Sad~~~

I need to go extensive gyming and exercise to stay in good shape. Buy fitting or better still small clothings so that she cannot wear. May her slimming programme fails and weight rebounces 3 times her current weight… Fat asshole!!!