Have been rushing for my NTU admission portfolio the last few days. Too much to “put up a good show”. I was rushing to Paradiz Centre to get my portfolio wire-binded on Thursday. Go to the ATM to withdraw cash, took the card but forget the money. Only when i reached Paradiz Center by cab, i discover my cash are gone. I still own the taxi driver money. Stewpig~ Next time don’t talk on the phone when you are withdrawing money. Arghh…

Thanks to Pei Jun, Lester’s secondary school classmate, we manage to navigate through the buildings to the admission office. And i would say, you can’t reach the blocks by the buses in the school. You still have to walk. And it is complicated. Hahahaha~

Had my company’s Chinese New Year dinner at Fort Canning Hill, The Legends. The food was so so, but the games are fun. We really fight all our way to win the games. But the prize is cheap-skate. (-.-‘”)