Thanks Shalin

Encounter some problems in work and emailed Sharlin for help. Thank you for her patience. Guess she got every single answer i wanted. SP lecturers are still very helpful. Heez~

She is back in Singapore for 2 weeks le. Both Wendy and Leon is still teaching in the school. Sharlin asked me about all your updates. Well… We can pay a visit to school for lunch sometime? The food there is calling for me.

I had a pay rise of $70 after my salary was reviewed and revised. Hmm… Not much, but i hope i can save my $70 up for my education and my holiday trips.

Trying to save and save and save. Erm… Still -ve the budget amount i set for spending. I drafted an excel sheet to calculate my expenses. After this month, i’ll need to review where all my money goes.