Days In Secondary School

Can’t really recall anything in secondary school. I usually forget when i pass and promote to another stage of my education. Until someone wrote this in his blog:

” hav to thank my friends too then..

weijie n dinglun..for helping my maths in my sucky maths days…

layhiang n gl…for being so gd in chinese…u two were my motivations..cos i was adamant to be better than u all…i wan to be praised..thr’s this once when we got back our chinese essay..i wrote sth diff…which i tot will bring mi to e top of the chinese greats in hks..(hehe..) then i lost to lh..why?? cos wang lao shi doesnt know whether it’s creative or out of pt..haha…i tot i was quite good…hehe…”

I’m always proud of my achievements in Chinese, since primary school. But the feeling isn’t that strong, until we are ranked in secondary school. One thing about my primary school, we don’t have any ranking system. Therefore, once you slide from the chart, you will feel rather demoralize. But I have Wei Jyh and Geok Leng to be my strongest competitors in the class. That were the days. Hahaha~

I will use naïve and boring for sec 1, enriching and competitive for sec 2, struggling for sec 3, hardship and tolerance for sec 4. Hai… My grades deteriorates after sec 2. From top 3 class ranking in lower secondary to top 20 in upper secondary. By then, I dun bother to climb any higher. And I flunk my geography at prelim, therefore, I can’t get into the first 3 months in JC. And maths, it’s so so so disappointing. Really dun understand what’s bothering me at that stage. I only regretted on these 2 subjects. I should have worked harder on it.

That were the school days.

[P/S: Wei Jyh, you wanna try recalling more incidents that happen within our class? Rrefresh my memory please~ I always like you talk about me, the class and me and the class and me. Hahaha~]