Qing Ming

Went to shao mu at jurong. Always feel a little heavy whenever i visit my cousin there. Reality is always so harsh. The world will not stop turning after your love ones depart. It’s been 5 years…

Accomplish quite a number of stuff today: went to see my doctor regarding the corn in my foot. Well… No medicine or lotion prescribed. He says no point trying those on the shelves, they won’t work. If it doesn’t bother me then just leave it. If it does, the onli way is to cut it off. He advises me to wear softer and more comfortable shoes. These places where the corns developed are the pressure points of my foot.

I also bought this acne lotion for me, my sister, lester and his brother. Kinda good and not sticky. But the doctor wont wanna sell me 4 at one shot. Can’t find it easily outside. Hmm… It’s really strict to purchase medicine in singapore.

I visited this neighbourhood beauty salon, to shape my eye browns. Hmm… This lady is rather friendly and professional. Will consider going back to her again. Price wise, affordable. 5 bucks for eye browns shaping (can’t find such deals often liao), not too sure about other facial services. Still thinking. Heez~

Been hooked onto the game Geargina and Suqin bought for Lester as his birthday present. Veri intersting~ Think of something first in your mind and answer a series of 20 questions in the game which describe the object. You will be surprise, it will read your mind. Be opened. I have tried light bulbs, bra, fling cabinet and helicopters.