Another great movie by Keanu Reeves. Movie about exorcism, human, demons and angels. Good visuals. It gets into the plot very quickly, and you get to see creatures at the first 10 minutes. Some part of it is hilarious, definitely worth a laugh. But 1 lame flaw that kills the image of an angel. Duh~

I love all these fantasy genre of movies. But it just makes me uncomfortable each time I finish them. I hate the feeling of being “brain-washed”, and keep my brain all occupied with flying angels, demons appearing in my mirror while washing my face, bio-zombies pushing their ways up from the stairs and out from the lifts. Man~ There is a likelihood that I will suffer from mental disorder one of these day.

I hate to be reminded of the number of days I have on this earth. The feeling of uncertainty to the world after your last breathe is enough to make me toss around the bed throughout the nite. Once she told me, you fear because you have things that are not accomplished. Pretty true isn’t it?