Opening A Bank Account


Wake up early to the banks. I opened another account in UOB and applied for their mini debit card for the moment. It’s free for lifetime. As for a credit card application, your annual income must be at least 3ok. My new account has this little limitation, daily balance for the day must be $500. As for OCBC, on average, you must have 1k in it, according to Serene. Diaoz~ Must plan how to put my money liao…

Went to Phoon Huat Jurong East to buy all those bakery ingredients. Headed back home for some spring cleaning. Nobody is at home except my mother. So i started throwing and she started picking them back. I’m the bad guy, i throw them away again while she is not looking. Hahaha~ Found 3 suntanning mats, 1 tumbler, 1 frisbee, 5 skipping ropes and 2 big boxes of barbie dolls… I’m not even done with my rooms. And i spend the next half of my night to baking cookies and making desserts.


Went praying at Si Ma Lu with Lester’s family. Breakfast at Bugis’s Swensen. Fulling~

Been slacking the rest of the day at his house. Aimed to do birthday ecards. Nah~ Always never accomplished. Both of us ordered pizza for dinner. Just for 2, we spend $40++. Heez~ Got 1 pan size chicken supreme stuffed crust pizza, 1 chicken ole baked rice, 1 large popcorn chicken, 1 large whipped potatoes, 1 garlic bread, free 1 nachos chips and chicken wings. Heez~ Blurp~