New Year 2005

Start my new year with a brand new look. Yup~ Yup~ Cut my hair again at Masa. Feel more comfortable visiting them the third time. My new look? Erm… I look like a monkey now. Too short to determine whether is it nice or not. Rather boyish…

Coop up in Lester’s house for the weekends. Purpose? Prepare for the chinese new year, clearing all his barangs. The most chen jiu gan i have is his wardrobe. Packed the clothing according to colors for easy access, standardized the clothes hangers with his mum’s help. Haha~

I like the feeling of throwing things, especially things that are not yours. Opps~ Shall be doing mine round this weekend. Lots more to clear. I have got my bedroom, my storeroom, my wardrobe, my mummy’s kitchen, the living room. Heez~ Throwing things time~

Lester’s mum taught me how to make blueberry cheesecake. Hmm~ Easy easy~ (^_^)

And we spend the start of 2nd January 2005 watching midnight movie, Meet The Fockers, at Great World City. Haha~ Non-stop laughing. Something to cheer you up with their insanity.

Steamboat the next nite and basically slacking all the time.

Happy New Year to all…