Weekends Before Christmas


Me, Zhen and Lester went to Suntec for the extended midnight shopping. Man~ It is damn crowded. Had our dinner at N.Y.D.C.~ Yum yum~ Oven baked rice. I have a hard time squeezing through the clothes. And even if you have picked something that you like, you’ll probably be too lazy to queue up to try.


I fall asleep again after Lester called. Sleep till he arrived and gave me a knock on my head. (-.-‘”) Meet up with Kenny to buy his girlfriend’s gift. Hmm… Sorry for the rush.

We watch Ocean 12 at Plaza Singapura. Not that nice actually. Shop the whole day for christmas gifts and accessories. Big headache~ Cineleisure food court level has this little stall selling korean cosemetic. All pretty affordable and nicely packaged. As for dinner, we basically ate junk food from those food stalls at Taka’s basement.


Yawn~ Wake up early to bathe and prepare sandwiches to Sentosa with Meixin.

We have been lazing around, laying on the mats on Tanjong Beach, suntanning. This beach is rather quiet compared to the Central and Siloso Beach. And you will see lots of dog owners showing up in this beach as well.

While tanning, we talk about primary school. So much recap, and i can hardly remember anything from that time. She told me about being a facilitator for zoo, night safari and bird park. This is so cool. But you gotta be bold enough. You must not be afraid of snakes and worms and all sorts of animals because you will need to work with them. Nah~ I failed to be one. Left the beach at about 2:30pm. Erm… I bet i din get tanned enough. Shall go next week again.

We went to IKEA for the night and had dinner at kopitiam. Too full for the day.