National Treasure

Have been out almost everyday during the weekends. Phew~ Packed week. Especially when christmas is around the corner, you feel so spiritually uplifted, you just can’t help but staying out with the crowd.

Been going for dinner at Hans, Chinatown branch. That was the biggest branch. Ambience at Far East Square is nice. A lot of restaurants and cafes, feel so much like you are at a foreign countries.

Catched National Treasure at GV Marina. Man~ No wonder it is first in US Top Chart. The plot is so fine and amazing, you can’t help by saying ‘Wha~’. Clue after clue, they solved the mystery, leading them nearer to the treasure.

This put me to a thought: ever wonder is there treasure in the world, that actually belongs to your family? Perhaps, i also come from ang-mo ang-mo country. Haha~

Went shopping around at Suntec. Bought presents for colleagues as well as hunting for clothing for myself. Proceed to Orchard, bump into Zijian at Heeran. He was posted to some camp as a clerk. I think he is still super hairy. His hair pores are so dense and his facial hair… Duh~ I bought a china-china skirt for chinese new year at Far East Plaza. Shall be hunting for more clothings and go for hair trimming soon.