Bridget Jone

Went to see a doctor on friday. Run down by cough and flu again. Did my blood test for thyroid. Hmm… Shall know the result in 2 working days. Friday’s book out is a cock up for him. Therefore, we ended up with real late dinner. Brought the piglet Johnson, Jackey and Terry bought for me to Lester’s car. The piglet shall stay in his car for the next few days. Heez~

We went to catch Bridget Jones at GV Marina on saturday. Storyline is rather linear but i like the ‘Adult’ languages they used. Certain point of it is rather hilarious. And my Hugh Grant is ever so charming. Heez~ Shop around the whole day, wanted to get some clothing and shoes. Hmm… But empty-handed still. Only bought a Nike’s singlet for running.

I have a christmas lunch in my office. So there goes the exchange gifts thingy. We draw lots which contains name of our colleague. Whoever you drew, you gotta get them a gift without letting them know. I have a big headache. What would you buy for an insurance broker of aged around 45++, given that the budget is 20 bucks? Still din have anything in my mind.

We bought ingredients for Tiramisu. Get back home and only discover that i have an electric mixer. Phew~ If not i’m going to beat the eggs till dawn. My parents stayed awake through the whole process. Is either they are afraid that i’ll fall asleep in the mid and burn the whole house, or they are waiting to eat. Hahaha~

Sunday, we went Orchard. I’ve made an aim: to buy 1 book, ranging from design to web to whatever that is related to multimedia, every month. So, we got this book ‘Web Index 5’. This book showcases the design of some interesting websites. Attached to this book is a CD-ROM. All the websites you have seen in the book will be compiled in there too. Quite worth it.

We are supposed to see the Change of Guards at Istana. But we got the timing wrong. Heez~ By the time we reached Istana, they have already finished all the stunts and are ready to dismissed. Duh~

On our journey back to Heeran, there is this guy who suddenly stopped us. He showed us a card saying: “I am so-and-so. I am a hyperactive person. Please help me to get back to my house at this address. Direct me to take bus no xxx, xxx, xxx and xxx.” While reading the content, this guy holds my hand. Erm… It wasn’t anything negative, it’s just like a helpless child holding your hand. After reading, most of the bus stated in the card do not have any pick-up points in Orchard, some we are unsure. We left him shortly but hesistated again. Wanted to get back to him, one moment we saw him at the bus stop, the next moment he is gone. Hope he gets back safely.

Had another round of food at Lester’s house. Is soup and blueberry cheese cake and pear. Yum~ Oh yar… And because i tam jia, i gana cheated to eat pork’s sauage today. Omg~ Omg~ Gotta chant and pray to piglet for the entire month.

Everything looks normal today. I have my first christmas card printed out. Whee~ But i’ll need to work on the chinese new year now.