Resident Evil 2

Watched Resident Evil 1 and 2 in a row in 2 consecutive nites. I missed RE 1 the other time, so i get Lester to burn me a copy. Yesterday we went over to Great World City to catch RE 2.

RE 1 is emphasize more on story or rather plot building. RE 2 is more action-packed. You wouldn’t have a single chance to let your eyes rest on the screen. There are several humourous scenes, especially with the presence of ‘Mr Blackie’. Certain scenes are still as gross,But I just don’t get it when the Doctor commanded “Alice de-activated”. Did she change into one of the zombie as well because she has the T-virus in her body? The cast who plays Jill Valentine in RE 2, though chio and cool, but still, the emphasis is not on her. I’m amazed by the technology used in their daily live. Access codes taking over keys and locks. The whole city guarded with video cam. Getting access rights to see what’s happening on the street just with clicks on your computer. Whoa~ But i do picture these in the near future to come.

We went to look for Bong and Serene after the show. Chit chat a little bit before their boss, Say, joined us in the table. Head straight back home with their claimable taxi fare.

Will be meeting Kenny this evening… Looking forward to that~ And oso saturday’s steamboat.