Last Gathering

Yesterday shall be the official last gathering with Chenhui before he enlists the next wednesday morning… Chenhui fetched me and Yimei in front of jurong east library’s bus stop.

Head straight to Bukit Merah’s kopitam for zhu chao. Ordered tie ban tofu, crabs, winter melon soup, kang kong, xia jiang ji. Super enjoying… Laugh until i pengz during dinner time. Chenhui has his power recharged liao lor.

Walk walk at Ikea to let the time past while waiting for Zhongxing. Three of us spend at least 1 hour there. Each got themselves some stuff home. Head straight to Telok Blangah Hill, famous for its staircase where wedding couples will shoot their wedding photos there. It’s always funny to see 3 persons going to those romantic park areas. Super big light bulbs, machiam like siao kia like tat. Stayed there, took photos before going to Orchard.

Picked Zhongxing up at 11plus at Orchard’s Youth Park carpark. Lolz… He super super yan dao with his shirt on. Eat prata at Pasir Panjang. We took quite a long time to get our orders. Full~ Chit chat at West Coast Park till 2:30am. Took some photos as well. Shall be posting them up when i got them. Zhongxing is more cheerful and talkative in the click liao. Better than the last few times.

Took the Pandan Road to Jurong Town Hall Road. Gana road block and inspection at somewhere near Creative building. Nabeiz… Stopped by TP becoz me and Zhongxing never buckle up the seat belts. Luckily warning nia. Chenhui din deduct points, and passengers din get any summons. The Inspector quite friendly lah. Immediately say ‘Warning nia this time round~’ So kinda relief lor…

Wat lau~ Go home liao, Zhongxing never take initiative to send me up. Sian half~ Luckily Yimei asked him to. Heez~ Anyway, thank you for Chenhui and Yimei’s cooperation. U two super hui zhuo ren. Thank you huh~ Deeply appreciated.