Good Old Secondary School Times

Yesterday meet up with yimei, chenhui and miss chow for a gathering at holland village’s N.Y.D.C.. Before hand, the 3 of us met up earlier for a small chat. Ate our ice cream at Hagen Daz.

Miss Chow was late, but we know it hard to find a parking lot at tat hour. Proceed inside, carry on with all those orientation, what we have been doing these few years and now. We are still worried that we may ended up speechless, keep thinking wat to say. But words just flow out naturally… A good catch up session.

Dessert at Hagen Daz again… Too full to order anymore ice cream but instead we choose drinks. Time for us to show our trip photos. Endless trip sharing experience till the last minute. Since we are working, I think there is a likelyhood for me to go oversea twice a year. That’s a hope… Have already planned out where to be the next few locations. May my dreams come true.

Will be starting my inline skating hopefully by the start of october. Went to browse at those knee guards and hand guards. Worth-while to spend on…