Terry Reporting Here

Terry peh msged me yesterday nite…

Peh: Eh how’s life man.. Ns life is damn boring.

Hiang: Haha~ You still survive ah? Can click with them anot? Me doing well in job. Single and still available… Wat else u wanna noe? Haha~

Peh: You know me lar, very anti-social.. Often do things alone.. But bunk mates are okay, a fair share of irritating and nice ones. One went mad coz he can’t take the stress. Life here is damn boring. Training is tough at times but fun. I’m now stucked between chao gene and chiong. SIGH..

Hiang: Wah… So havoc? Real mad ah? Even you anti-social i oso not scare. Maybe you got charasma to attract others leh… Gt anot huh? Heez~ Life out is lonely and empty.

Peh: Come on.. Someone jus said i look like the thinner version of liu qing yun. Wat the fuck.. Ur saying ur life out there is lonely and empty? How come so sad? Haha..

Hiang: Wtf? Liu qing yun? Den i dun think you’ll be happy with it. Haha~ Working mah, go home den sleep liao. The cycle keeps repeating. Sian lah..

And the stories goes on…