Long For A Gathering

Yesterday called up miss chow to confirm the gathering this cuming saturday. Man… The 3 of us din contact her throughout the entire of our poly life. This is so damn long… Now, because our mr koh chen hui is serving the nation, it’s the good opportunity to seize to gather whoever we should. Heez~

But i was kinda stumble when i talk to miss chow. Still have this feeling of a little secondary school student in front of the phone. Haha~ Over the other side, miss chow is still her usual self. Will be bringing all my backpack photos (sumthing honourable to show) and maybe some poly life’s portraits. Must show her the kind of monkeys i mixed around with… Hahahaha~ Hopefully i can get m graduation pix developed as well to show them. (^.^)

I let yimei noe miss chow has confirmed her date with us first. Den we carry on with our chats. She shared this damn good piece of news with me. Her management now holds 2 vacant posts – 2 QC related managers. She was briefed on the job scopes and prospect. And there is a high possiblity she will get a promotion.

I noe more or less about QC from her, and for her to hit the manager post, she needs to go through lots of trainings. Attending the auditor’s training is one of it. To be a good auditor, you gotta have wide knowledge of different fields, so that you can work in any many other industries. Both of us are happily sharing what we have learnt so far. Best of luck to you, my gal~

Den called chenhui to confirm the details of the gathering. Gana suan by him huh… (-.-‘”) Will get my revenge back on saturday. Still got stuff wanna clarify with him. Hope i remember by the week ends. Heez~

I’m eager to meet you ppl. Wear ur best outfits for miss chow. Wahahaha~ Miss ya~