My Czech lost~ Is just a f*** up game throughout. I know it’s a matter of time for the Greece to break the egg. But i do hope Czech to be the first to do so~ Especially when everything goes into xtra time. I do think tat the Luck Lady is gonna play tricks on us. And she has never fail to do so. Never mind~ The Cristiano Ronaldo, Figo, Deco, Simao are gonna bring them down in the final These few days gotta do lots of chanting liao. Niam~ Niam~ Niam~ Wahahaha~

Yesterday watched Spiderman 2 with Lester. Well~ I would say in general, the story plot and tension are built up quickly, is action-pack but there are some touching ones, sounds and effects are fantastic. A show you shan’t be missing out.

Had dinner at Olio Noodle Bar, Suntec City. Well~ Din get my share of food served because they send the food to the wrong table and then the suaiest thing is the kitchen is closed. There goes my last order. But i’ve a chocolate tart on the house treat. Yum~ Lester’s mum gave me a ride after tat. Thankx again~ (^_^)