Everyone has been talking about the collapse of the Nicoll Highway. So far, 1 died, 3 injuried and 3 still missing. They have found no trace of living people yet, as reported from radio news.

On the hand, we seems to have experienced a lot these few years. The mad cow diease, bird flu, pig dunno wat diease, hand mouth foot diesase, sars, the attack at the World Trade Center (USA), the war between iraq and USA, the taiwan election disputes, the recent blackout in west area, tis Nicoll Highway collaspe… We are born in a eventful era sial…

Yesterday went to Ling Jie’s house after work with the rest of the colleagues. It’s so great living alone. Quiet~ Your own free space~ Watch “THE EXROCIST” VCD at her house. Still can’t really figure out how the demon find that little gal as his victim. Veri slow pace story instead, not scary~ I think becuae this is an old film, the characters’ narration is ever so soft, but the effect just blast your speakers. Keep controlling the voulme as though we are playing games.

Have a break. Have a Tuna.