Today, Chan and co come to my hse and dye their hair. Well~ Second dying, Chan one is veri veri successful. Leave the dye in his hair for 2 hrs. Now, under normal room light oso can see his hair colour arh… Happy…

Had our dinner at Harbour Front. All of us choose Yoshinoya in the end. Seems like the F&B; side is hafing a real big problem in their servicing. We ahve encountered quite a number of attitudes waiters and waitresses. Fed up~ Yesterday oso like tat. That Crystal Jade’s waitress recommend us to take the set meal for 8 pax. Through our conversation, she found out that we are more interested in ordering separately. She gaves us a very despiting tone “Up to you lor…” It’s really very piss off for working people like us whom wanted is jus a peaceful meal. Duh…

Walk to the Sentosa area… Whoa… The restaurant there is beautiful. Talk and rot for a while. On the way back, Jacky and Laily start on their ghost story thingy. Well~ Too frighten to say anything. Before going back home, ate our cheese prata at pasir panjang. Not bad leh~ First time i ever enjoy curry gravy. The curry isnt those thick thick one. It suits my taste buds bah… Yum…

Oh yar… Saw this CK watch at Harbour Front. And i’m really attracted to tis. I like the white clock face. Tried it on, and i really really love it. Can wear it causally as a bangle, and it looks stylish wif the formal dressing. Below is it’s specification:

Brand: Calvin Klein

Model: K2823130

Size: Ladies

Band: Silver-tone bangle with clasp

Case/Dial: Stainless steel case, Black dial or White dial

Description: Quartz movement, Silver-tone hands, 30 meters/99 feet water-resistant

Watch width: 3.40 cm