Hmm~ Today is a tiring day for me. Slept as EARLY as 4am in the morning. Now yawning… I hope i can rush back home to sleep in no time.

First thing i step into the office, bong rush to me and say “A… Today is VV’s last day.” Well~ This really surprise us, and i mean all of us. None of us in the company heard any rumour about she leaving the company. She has keep this real good to herself. Kinda feel sian now. No common enemy in the company liao. Tat means we haf no gossips going on liao. Woman~ We are contradicting animals. On one hand, we hate her to core for all the torture she gives. On the other hand, feel pity for her departure as we are gonna let our ‘COMMON TOPIC’ leave. We throw a farewell lunch for her at Keppel Club. Buffet style, ate to my fullest. A lot more to complain, but for now, everything is bygone…

Message quite a number of my pals: Bernard, Zi Jian, Chen Hui, Shan Wen and my cousin today. KPO actually. Wanna noe when they are enlisted inside, since NS has been a HOT topic now. Bernard enlisted in as commnado, zijian, chen hui and shan wen haven’t receive any. As for my cousin, june intake oso.

At the same time, happen to find out my cousin has dropped out of poly. Erm~ Dunno really noe what has happened. Ever since our graduation promp nite, i have never contact him again. It’s till last semester we get real close, manage to get his mobile num and start all our crap again. Hasn’t really seen his single soul yet. (-.-‘”)