Meet up with Laily, Lester and Jacky for shopping in Orchard. I’m really energetic throughout the day. The reason could be: I had enuff sleep. Bought the 3 Matrix VCDs together. Whoo hoo~ Happie… Had quite a number of stuff in mind also. Guess all these will cause me a big bomb.

CDs & VCDs:

1. Chemistry – 2nd Album

2. Ayumi Hamasaki – 3 MTVs collections

3. SMAP concert

4. Techno Dance Hits – 4 Discs

5. Westlife – Hey Wateva

6. Blue – Gulity

7. Runaway Jury – Waiting for the release of VCDs

I missed the World Cup Qualifying Rounds on Wednessday. I noe it’s stupid to tape down a soccer match, but i still did it. These few days i have isolating myself from news, radio broadcast, newspaper, people’s blog, just to prevent me from knowing the result. That stupid Jacky told me the result, and that stupid chan told me some details of the match. This is real torture… But anyway, i’ll be watching it later in the nite. Disheartening ah~

Chan and Jacky received their enlistment letter. This really makes me worry about our trip. Many ‘what if’ pop up. Hope everything will be fine.