Today is so dramatic… Our supervisor talk to karen about her wei qu and her pressure, her difficult position.

She start off wif “Ni men shi bu shi hen tao yan wo?” The moment i hear this, i quickly stand up and walk towards laily’s direction, asking “Do you gals wanna haf lunch?” I leave Karen there. I dun haf much time to entertain fools like this.

Both of them haf quite a pretty long and soft talk. I did return back to my working area a couple of times to transfer my files. And so, overheard some of the content. Wat she said is all crap and rubbish. She need sympathy and attention. But too sorry ah~ I won’t even shed my tears or even take a good look at her. I’m utterly disgust wif wat she had been doing. A BITCH~

She did cried a little while talking. But still, not enuff to soften my heart for a person like her. All the content she brought out, all the little crying and moody feeling tat are expressed, are just role-playing. IT”S ALL A PLANNED SKIT! The more she is trying to explain herself, the more i dun believe her. People dun raise an issue out of the blue. If they did, they haf alreadi planned wat they wanna say. They just wanna DISPLAY wat they haf in mind, wif all the model answers ready. Explaining further is actually making the situation worst… And the moment she said “Ni men shi bu shi hen tao yan wo?”, i noe she is trying to start all her nonsense again.

If u r the most unpopular person in the class, ppl dun like u, how would u tell ur new click of frendz (whom dunno u as deep) why the rest anti u? Well~ Model answer is “I also dunno why… Last time veri frend one. Den suddenly they treat me veri coldly.” The keyword is “dunno why”. Are you sure you dunno the fucking reason “WHY”? Or you dun dare to mention the things you did to them, the way you trying to stab them at their back? “DUNNO”?! Wat a joke!

I choose to believe wat i see, wat i hear, wat i wanna perceive. And a leapord won’t change its spots. Never…

I oso want a peaceful internship. But it takes 2 hands to clap. I will behave from now not to make any diffcult situations for HER. The rest, i need all her cooperation liao…

Lastly, thank you kenny~ (^.^)