I’m ultimately excited… i saw my secondary school’s english teacher. She is the one who followed us up frm sec 3, make us run around the field becoz we are not responsive enuff in her class, ask us to act in front of the whole class for those close passages in the textbk, do a lot of vocal training for presentation, make us read books and tons of books…

We hate her but love her as well~ Still remember i cried in her arms during the release of my ‘O’ level result… I’m those border-line case, C5 – C6… But i manage to score a B4.

Her english classes are pressurising lessons. We are like dead logs sitting in the class. Forever dead and quiet. Always can’t keep up to her ‘live and energetic’ way of teaching. Miss those good old days~

Me and ruixiang did a veri bad thing during the perlim period. We skip her tutorial lesson. Just run away like tat~ She even questioned me the next day. Well~ This is wat she say:

Veeran: Lay Hiang, can you please explain why are you not in the class yesterday?

Me: Erm… Erm… (Haf been thinking, tat’s my first time in my whole secondary school life i skip classes, and den ganna caught, suai~)

Veeran: I’m so disappointed wif you. You better gif me a good reason. Go back to ur seat.

I feel so embarrased. Feel gulity for wat i haf done. I actually lied to her tat i went back early for revision. But but!!! For Maths revision. She din go on digging for more. Tat was a relief… Deep inside me i noe where i haf been doing after i reached home… I slept throughout the whole afternoon… Did no Maths, did no English. Nothing~

I miss those prelims and ‘O’ level periods. Those hardships tat we went through. No TVs, no time to sleep, revisions all day long, studying at macDonald wif my gang till as late as 10pm… Next day the same routine.

Especially during tat D&T; (Design and Technology) submission period, we even got to go back to school @ 8pm to let our teacher comment on our portfolio.