Friday went to IKEA for a weekend shopping… But in the end, lost my wallet @ tat area. This is dunno the how many times already. Most of the times i drop it, one or two times it was stolen. Poor me… The most stupid thing is: i onli discover it the next morning, when i intend to go out… Lucky me, OCBC bank called me up half way thru my job. She told me someone found my wallet near the anchor point foodcourt. So she put me thru the person who is still holding the line. This person is one of the foodcourt drink store helper. Thank god!

Not much lost this time round. I onli put $2 bucks in there. And i dun bother to withdraw money. Cash is gone. Lost my cashcard. But never mind, inside onli left a few cents. And i dun bother to top-up oso. Conclusion is: the person who got my wallet will think that this gal is a poor chap. Hahahaha~

By the way, can you guys gif be suggestion on how to be more cautious not to loss my wallet again? I’m scolded by my dad becoz of this. Sian… So naggy… His face jit tao black black…

Yesterday vday… Received 2 missed phone calls from Xing Cai. Wanted to meet me up for dinner. But i onli discover it 1 hr later. So he is on his way back home. Pai seh! Pai seh!

I just haf a craving for movie tat nite, any movie. And i gif a try to call HIM.

Me: Halo? Is so-and-so at home?

His Family: Who are you?

Me: I’m his friend.

Him: Halo?

Me: A! Wanna go catch a movie?

Him: A… I’m meeting up wif my frendz later leh…

Me: Orh… Ok lor… Bye bye!

See?! I haf tried… Frendz is so much important to HIM. Why his last minute phone calls work for me, but my last minute calls dun work for HIM? Not fair! He dun like to be tied down. Well~ I shall let HIM free…

And i got 1 vday gift frm Karen. Thanks… (^.^)

*/edited: Read other’s blog. Gotta know how others celebrated their vday, how they feel and think about vday. Some are really ridic. Haha~ Dunno what they are up to…/*