I lied… Sorry to my parents… I haven been taking my medicine for at least a week. I lied to u that I’m finishing them. I should haf taken my own initiative.

Well~ In order not to dirty my blog, I decided not to mention anything about my ITP. Maybe just a summary bah. IT JUST SUCKS!

Haf been facing quite a number of problems lately. Firstly, I really dun haf time for myself, no life… Secondly, WSC competition is just around the corner, I’m still not familiar with the test format and mac computer. Thirdly, haf been throwing temper at my parents when they try to wake me up. Both of them volunteer to pack my breakfast in a disposable plastic bag every morning. I appreciate it. And I apologize for what I haf done. Lastly, I think I need to be left alone at times. Too sian wif all the people around.