Yesterday went gym at Choa Chu Kang. Workout for around 45 min. I think is not enough. If wanna really slim down… Eh… Need to do more homework. Last time still can run 3rd in a cross-country team but now… Haiz… Fat sial… Yue lai yue bu man yi my figure. Hahahaha~

Just a sudden thought tat pops up. Because something happened and I sense something. So this is what I’m gonna express:

Because I ended my previous one,

Because I met you,

Because of my feelings to you,

We have dragged this “relationship” for years.

Relationship maybe a strong word to define our ties,

But you know what’s going on…

I have contradicting feelings and comments about you,

Sorry for my suspiciousness,

Sorry for the lack of mutual trust.

I lost faith,

And I guess, I nearly lost you…

That’s why I told myself to keep my door open,

So that I won’t have a chance to cry at the dead-end ally.

But I slowly discovered,

I have never done so.

People have been entering at different points,

Yet I told myself – ‘They are just interesting people who came into my life’.

You are my main stream,

The others are just my electives.

My door has not been opened for others,

And I really hope the person who does is you.

Forgive me if others come in with the duplicate keys,

They deserve their chances…

With me…

Still very contradicting. Kaoz… I’m neither unhappy nor sad. Just a thought to put down…