Happy 21st Birthday, Bong!

Celebrated her birthday last sunday. Haf been planning stuff wif Karen and Serene. Busy us… Though some of the plans din work out, but we still haf an enjoyable moment, an enjoyable nite. The fun part is when we pour the flour, eggs and glitters onto her. And i still remember Qin gave me a ‘Charcoal Hand Touch’ on my shoulder. Thank u Laily lor… Hug me when i din notice her, and when she is still dirty. Sorry for the absurd, obscene scream. Just can’t control myself. Lester’s mum cake is so damn SOLID. Delicious… Thanks, man… Heez… Haf been staying overnite at Serene’s place. Accompanied by Kenny, Robert, Serene and Laily. Went to eat at 4 plus… Sleep all the way till 12pm. Happy to hear little news here and there. Best wishes to everyone. (^.^)

Monday, went to visit the Body Work Exhibition wif Karen, Christopher and Laily. Very very long queue to the ticket booth. Very very excited. In the end, i feel rather disappointed wif wat i see. Erm… This is an educating exhibit, but i dun feel the reality. It’s more like plastic scultures than human bodies. My most enjoyable part is the foetus exhibits section. One side, it shows the normal growing stages of a foetus. The other side shows the abnormal babies wif all the defects like without top head shell. Yucks… The embryo is oso interesting…

But this morning… Karen and i witnessed an accident on the double decker bus. Both are stunned. We went dumb for the rest of the journey. A car hit into a motorbike. The back passenger (lady) in the motorbike, flew out. Gosh…

Rather a tired day for me. Dunno why. And i become so restless that i go straight to the toilet cubicle and slept there for 5 to 10 min. Oh yah… Went to this So-Food foodcourt at Biopolis, Bouna Vista. This is food heaven to the people like us. I dun remember complaining much abt the food i had at my side. But u should be able to weigh which side taste better.

And me~ Seriously LOVE SICK… I started my routine again. All the sadness came back. Thoughts of changing a target, thoughts of investing my love on some other just came back. I weigh myself again. How much do i weigh inside him? Rather disappointed… Throughout the BBQ, i heard his name quite a number of times. It isn’t tat he din accompanied me to the BBQ tat i’m upset over. I think i just lost him again. Still remember wat Calvin commented on him. Why ppl praise him? Why ppl see his positive sides but nt the negative sides? Is he tat real good?

Fed up~