Yesterday went Chinatown with Laily, Kenny and Xing Cai. Weird combination. Erm… Raining lor… So nobody one. Neber shop in the rain before. It has also been a long time i ever drenched myself in the rain. Fun! Thank you for all ur company. Heez~

Haf been held down by Xing Cai downstair, giving me advice on my problem. Erm… I tink it doesn’t help. Me simply din haf any feelings to talk about relationship. Perhaps, i’m emotionally stable yesterday. Hahaha~ I just head back home and sleep like a log. No single thought abt anything. Cool rite?!

And rainy days… Haf been seeing a lot of cockroaches. Nah… (T.T)

A… Did anyone tune in to 98.7FM today? At ard 12:45pm to 12:54pm? I dedicated BLUE’s song, U Make Me Wanna, to all the SP DMMT students who are hafing their attachment. Hahaha~ Heng heng ganna selected. Phew…

Today quite a bit of holiday mood. We have been going back to school for lunch. We even ask our boss to send us to school. Crazy us! But having real lots of fun! And we happily late for at least 30 to 45 minutes. Hahaha~ On our way back, me, Laily, Jean, Karen form our own team – S.H.I.T. Our manager-in-charge is Serene. Ppl S.H.E. we S.H.I.T. cool rite?!

S = Stupid Jean

H = Horny Hiang

I = Idiotic Bong

T = Tai tai Karen

Then we haf been practising the self-introduction parts. The most common one is: “Hallo everybody! We are S.H.I.T.!” Then to each individual introduction. Initially thought of giving the colleagues a surprise. Let our manager leads the way, push open the door, and then we pose and shout out our grp name. But dunno whether is our boss in, so we drop this idea. We are afraid that the boss asks us not to come tml onwards. Hahaha~ It’s all crap lah.

But real funny working with all these siao char bor.Everyday, we will each share some cold humour, talk rots, gossip, thinking where to eat, thinking how to “seduce” the boss and LO. Hahaha~ Previously our LO, Tim R, wanna come on the Monday. So we gang up together, those who haf low-cut wear low-cut, those who haf mini skirt wear mini skirt. Hahaha~ And all of us did! Erm… Disappointing is Tim R din manage to turn up. Sigh…