Friday…. Hurray! Looking forward for Chinese New Year and the steamboat and Laily’s birthday and my BLACKMAN and my WHITEMAN. Hahaha~

Erm… Learn a lot these few days, especially how to use Illustrator. Some of the things are not taught. And i’m veri sure, i get to noe a little bit more each day. And i can listen to FM while doing my work… Hahaha~

Haf been thinking wild these few days. Abt my dreams, abt the new year, abt HIM… Floodings of different issues and matters. Arghh… Let’s talk abt dreams… Heez~

First dream:

Dream of myself being possess by another spirit. I wanted her to leave my body. And i haf been struggling hard to talk. Then tat ‘she’ also wanted to talk. She said out some terms, but in conclusion, she doesn’t want to leave my body. In the end, she disfigured me by slicing my face wif knife. Blood gushing out and stuff. This is terrible…

Second dream:

This is the most ridiculous one. I dreamt that i’m a whore. And i haf been drive by a guy to different places to meet my so-call ‘clients’. Damn… So disgusting to say them… I dunno where the heck i got tis ‘inspiration’ to dream of this. A total crap man. Idiot!